note: The {yourAgencyName} placeholder should be substituted with the subdomain of the URL you use to access the Affluent dashboard. For instance, if you log in at “” then you should replace {yourAgencyName} with “dundermifflin”

The actions endpoint allows you to pull a list of every unique commissionable action (e.g. sales, leads, bonuses, etc) with all associated data Affluent has on that transaction, including SKU data. Importantly, if you're maintaining your own data store, this API allows you to pull actions based on the last time they were modified so that you do not need to perform historical data pulls in order to update pending transactions.

The JSON body requires:

  1. A dates object that specifies the date range for which you would like to query data. Dates are requested in UTC time and the date range you specify can not be larger than 31 days, so please bear that in mind. There are two accepted date types:
  • Use eventDateStart and eventDateEnd to request actions which occurred in that range. This should use dates. For example:
  "eventDateStart": "2023-09-19",
  "eventDateEnd": "2023-09-22"
  • RECOMMENDED FOR DATA STORES: Use affluentModifiedAtStart and affluentModifiedAtEnd to request actions based on a last modified date. This should use datetimes. For example:
  "affluentModifiedAtStart": "2023-09-21 00:00:00",
  "affluentModifiedAtEnd": "2023-09-22 00:00:00"
  1. A limit and offset (see Limit and Offset)
  2. An includeCustomFields flag

The JSON body can additionally accept:

  1. Filters. Full description can be found here. For example:
"filters": {
  "operator": "AND",
  "statements": [
      "category": "brandName",
      "match": "equals",
      "values": "Evil Corp"
      "category": "publisherName",
      "match": "notEquals",
      "values": "Evil Product Reviews"
  1. An SKU flag (optional) to include or exclude SKU data. The default is false. For example:
"includeSkus": true

Best Practices:

  • Use a limit of 100,000.
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